The Hydraulics and Pneumatics courses employ a large range of industrial components and candidates build circuits using these so that they learn how to read the diagrams properly and fault-find when things don't go according to plan.

On the Mechanical Maintenance courses, we use custom-made alignment rigs for aligning Vee belts, pulleys, chains, transmission belts and conveyor belts. A range of gear boxes, pumps, bearings and gaskets are used. The Operators Skills course is intended for people with no assumed skills so it begins with how to use the tools properly and progresses towards how to isolate and perform some first-line maintenance tasks like adjusting mechanisms etc.

The Plumbing and Line Breaking courses are focused on the dangers of working with these systems and how to perform tasks like isolating pressurised pipework, diagnosing faults and removing and replacing faulty taps, thermostatic valves etc.

On the Fitting Skills courses, we use a range of tools from screwdrivers to micrometers and other hand tools.